Team Chicago Doesn’t Know What Tom Cruise Looks Like

Just an all-time gaffe by Team Chicago in the late rounds of the contest. If that doesn’t happen, who knows? The outcome might have been different.

On the left we have the self proclaimed Experts: Brandon F. Walker from his mother-in-law’s house, PFT and the always lovely Francesca. Talk about a rose between two thorns, amirite? And on the right we have have the Chicago boys with Carl, Chief and White Sox Dave with his dog by his side.

This was one of the most heated rivalries from Season 1. The Experts added Fran in a late season acquisition and became infinitely better as a team. This matchup could very well be one sided from now on. Let’s go.

Rd 1: Oh easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverGirl. Two of the easier NBA questions that I’ve seen on this show. Coley Mick is rolling over in his grave* at the sight of these questions. Larry Hughes with the Cavaliers, Thabo Sefoloshow with the Thunder. 1-1 right out of the gates.

Rd 2: Rosie O’Donnell and Al Pacino was pretty straight forward for the Experts. Team Chicago found its way through WSD suggesting it was a Wayans brother and grinded out Eric Andre and Zendaya thanks to a late pull from Carl. I saw Zendaya mentioned in the chat so I couldn’t give myself the point. I thought it was Rihanna. 2-2.

Rd 3: Tbh, I thought Marino’s last all-star game was at home in Yankee Stadium. I said New York, I was right. Sometimes dats da way the cookie crumbles. Great guess of Miami from Chief. Team Chicago made light work of the Cal Ripken Jr. question in Seattle. Carl knew. Chief knew. White Sox Dave was quiet. Chicago takes an early lead, 3-2.

Rd 4: Big swing in this matchup. Fran makes her presence felt with How to Get Away with Murder in Round 4. Talked it out with herself. Well done. Chicago can’t come up with Empire and The Experts hit on the steal. Both points in the round go their way. Experts lead 4-3.

Rd 5: PFT showed off his NBA acumen with his Richard Jefferson suggestion. RJ played for five (5) teams between the ’04 Olympics and his trade to the Cavs. Brandon went back and forth with himself and settled on the correct answer of Carlos Boozer. On the flipside, Team Chicago got another baseball question correct thanks to Not White Sox Dave. Doug Mientkiewicz was the answer to make it 5-4 in favor of The Experts.

Rd 6 Niche: Tough, tough questions. No points.

BONUS: A little controversy in the bonus round, but I liked Jeff DeLowe putting his foot down on the time constraints. Answer the fucking question if you know it. The Experts take the two points to go up 7-4 and the Chicago boys were a defeated team the rest of the way.

Rd 7: Team Chicago calls on Big Cat to answer their Pac 12 question. After WSD stumbled through the question multiple times, Big Cat agreed with Toby Gerhart in 2010-11. He wasn’t at Stanford during that time. Brandon had LaMichael James right off the bat and threw it away. Don’t think, just shoot. No points.

Rd 8: Vampire Weekend is a band. Chief had the vampire part and his cronies added the rest. Chicago pulls to within two, 7-5.

Rd 9: “YES, AND THE TIME RAN OUT DAVE!! DAVE, YOU’RE ON A FUCKING 30-SECOND TIMER!!” No points, but a great moment.

Rd 10: Fran scores with Jumper, but that’s not the story of this round. Team Chicago doesn’t know what Tom Cruise looks like. Nothing like a definitive “That’s not Tom Cruise” from White Sox Dave. Followed by “That is for sure Tom Cruise” from Fran. *chef’s kiss* 9-5.

Rd 11: It was already over. You don’t recover from that kinda mistake. Quarterback questions for the NFL. The Experts spurt ahead with David Garrard, and Chicago doubles to stays alive with Aaron Brooks. 10-7.

Rd 12: We’ve seen this before. Just last matchup between Big Screamin’ Honkers and Frank & the Frankettes a team led by three going into the final category and ended up losing. But it would not happen twice in a row. Geography stumped both teams. Anchorage, which is twice the size of Naperville, threw off both teams in a meaningless final question.

The Experts take the win, 10-7, and start the season on the right foot. Both teams played pretty poorly. Three ties, two lead changes.

Personally, I got 8.5 answers correct (Cavaliers, Thunder, Rosie Pacino, New York, How to Get Away with Murder, Carlos Boozer, LaMichael James, David Garrard, Aaron Brooks). Couple of nice Cleveland-centric questions from Jeff DeLowe this match. I gave myself half a point for the Garrard question because the Experts had the answer so quickly. I’m confident that I woulda come up with it.

*Coley is very much alive.

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