Only In Russia You See Stuff Like This

Absolutely insane!

When you see videos like this they always seem to be in Russia. The other video that comes to my mind is that skiing video where the ski lift was going 100 mph and people were jumping off while 20 feet in the air. It was either jump, or die. The lift was going so fast and it was slinging people off it. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. Now!

Back to this video. First of all, why is there no seat belt? That first and foremost screams Russia. Second, who in the world would trust a swing that is over a 6300 foot ledge being pushed by some dude. It’s obvious the reason the swing broke was because the dude got tired with his pushing and kind of gave it a half ass push and it altered how the swing was moving. And when that happen the swing crushed into the side of the it and busted. Some how the girls who fell, are completely safe. They came out of it with minor scratches. Yeah that’s it. Insane.


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