Club Thief Caught Red Handed

Many PGA Tour players compete in the Scottish Open preceding The Open Championship. It helps acclimate players to the links style course for the following week.

Big names play in it year after year for preparation. This year, Rory Mcilroy and Jon Rahm were paired up for the first two rounds of the tournament.

Mcilroy and Rahm

Prior to them teeing it up for round one, the two players and caddies enjoyed a conversation on the first tee. Only to be interrupted by a brave, albeit, stupid fan. One fan walked straight onto the tee like he owned the place and attempted to grab Mcilroy’s driver. After managing to only swipe the head cover (Rory Dog) he grabbed a wedge to go along with the head cover.

The players and caddies started to notice as the fan is 6 feet away with wedge in hand and cover on the ground. Eventually security comes in, takes the club back and escorts him away.

However, my big gripe is on Rory’s caddie. Not only did he let a fan steal a club from right under his nose, but her didn’t even try to do anything about. He doesn’t walk over and try to get it back. He doesn’t call security over. This caddie puts in zero effort to help.

For God’s sake, Rahm’s caddie attempts more than Mcilroy’s. First he attempts to get the club, after coming up short, he then calls over the security guard.

Morale of the story, Rory should be looking for a new caddie. 

And Rory, if you’re reading this, I have PGA caddie experience and would love the opportunity. No one would steal your clubs on my watch.


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