The Reggie Jackson Game

This is the Reggie Jackson we thought we were getting. This is the Reggie that Stan Van Gundy thought he signed and traded for…(SIDENOTE: Stan Van Gundy got ripped on this blog page and I can’t stand with that. Even thought I green lit the blog, I’m a SVG believer). Circle this back to the main story, I’m glad Stan Van Gundy was right about Reggie Jackson. I didn’t know he had this in him. I thought it was in there, somewhere, but maybe he really wasn’t completely healthy during his Detroit time. We all saw flashes of this Reggie, it just was never consistent. Even though playoff P took over and did his thing. This will go down as the Reggie Jackson game. Even more reasons to hate Andre Drummond. Now we know it wasn’t Reggie’s fault. The worst/best player of all time. Was our franchise player for 7 years. The ABSOLUTE worst. I guarante he made Lebron honestly think about retiring after the season. I know it crossed his mind while playing with Andre. He’s THAT bad.

Im sure everyone knew this but if you didn’t, now you do. Reggie Jackson and Bobby Shmurda are brothers. Legit blood bothers.

Identical twins? You tell me.

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