Another Successful Walker Cup in the Books

The 5th Annual Walker Cup has come and gone and this one was just as successful as the previous four.

The Speidel Golf Club at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, W.Va. played host to the weekend of debauchery for the second time in the illustrious history of the event. Thirty six holes of scenic, rolling hills and tranquil golf raided by 20 barbarians for three days.

The weekend starts at various times on Thursday afternoon and concludes when the Sunday morning hangover subsides enough to make the trip home. Guys came in from Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and we finally broke the color barrier this year. This group of cracker-ass crackers needed some diversity.

We start the festivities with the course starter, “Coach”, taking a picture (above) of the group. That is quickly followed by a moving rendition of the National Anthem from the vocals that are present. This year we used an American flag coozie propped up on a 2-iron for the traditional tune. Two Walker Cup legends then take ceremonial tee shots and we’re off and rolling on the first hole.

We have three rules at Walker Cup: nobody die, nobody get arrested and don’t be a scumbag. I’m happy to report that we met all three goals this year.

Here’s some quick bulleted stats from the event:

Attendance: 6 golfers made their Walker Cup debut, while 6 OGs have been to 5-of-5.

Injuries: 1 head laceration, 1 head abrasion, 1 undiagnosed concussion, 2 racks of bruised ribs, 1 bruised shoulder, 1 pair of broken Harry Potter glasses, 19 cases of liver damage and dehydration, many sunburns, infinite sore muscles.

Drinks: 400-450 beers, a few hard seltzers, a few hard iced teas and the cart girls ran out of Pink Whitney shots.

Golf: 1,500 holes, give or take a few. Some good, the majority bad.

Lost Golf Balls: couldn’t even guess… millions.

MVP Gifts: 750mL of Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey in a custom bottle, a leather BMF driver headcover, a fleshlight (condition unknown) and a year of bragging rights.

Good Times: too many to count.

Team Gray (formerly team blue) ended up winning the competition in the final round on Saturday.

Big thanks to Oglebay for having us and big thanks to those that put time in logistically. It shouldn’t run smoothly and it does every year. Already looking forward to the 2022 Walker Cup.

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