What’s Really Happening At Ruby Tuesday’s in Monroe?

Ruby Tuesday’s in Monroe has been closed for almost a decade it feels like and the lights are still on…. so what is going on?

My first instinct is always to jump to drug trafficking but it could go deeper than that or is it more shallow than that? Who is paying to keep the lights on?

It could be human trafficking which isn’t too far out of the question considering the close proximity and placement between Toledo and Detroit… I took a sociology class in college and learned Toledo is one of the worst places in the country for human trafficking.

Perhaps Applebee’s is paying the electric bill as some sort of sick marketing ploy so people look there and say, “oh look Ruby Tuesd…. oh they’re closed, let’s just hit Applebee’s, they are right there” ??? You tell me.

Or maybe the custodian forgot to shut the lights off on his way out?

The residents of the greater Monroe area may never know.

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