Remember Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki??

Of course you remember these guys. Legends of the game, champions, MVPs, first ballot HOFers.

But these three guys have something in common that we may never see again… loyalty.

Kobe Bryant: 20-year career, 1 team.

Tim Duncan: 19-year career, 1 team.

Dirk Nowitzki: 21-year career, 1 team.

Three hall of fame careers, three consecutive draft classes, one team each.

The NBA Draft lottery was last night and it got me thinking about how shitty the NBA is right now. Detroit won the lottery and will probably take Okie State’s Cade Cunningham. But for how long? If he’s a great player, he probably leaves for a bigger market after his rookie contract expires, and if he’s cat shit, he’s off the team for his performance.

Sick league, right? Will we ever have another HOF career on just one team?

Probably. Eventually. I mean, look around.

Lebron, CP3, Durant, Harden. All on three teams or more.

Westbrook, Dwight Howard, AD, Melo. Multiple teams.

The young guys? Zion already wants out of New Orleans. The roof is burning in Dallas so I can’t see Luka staying for the length of his career.

I guess a couple guys have a chance to do it. Steph Curry is a shoo-in first ballot guy and he’s spent his whole career in Oakland. He’s a free agent after next season, his year 32 season, so another lengthy contract could put him in line to do it.

Giannis is signed in Milwaukee through 2025-26, his year 31 season, but does a Greek dude really wanna live his whole career in shithole Wisconsin? You tell me.

Maybe Klay or Draymond. Maybe Jokic. Maybe Dame Lillard. Dame is as loyal as they come. He’s said multiple times that he isn’t joining a super team and he wants to win in Portland. I like that about him. I hope he does it.

It used to happen all the time. Bill Russell, Havlicek, Magic, Bird, Stockton, Reggie, David Robinson, Isiah Thomas, Yao. Idk, call me old fashioned, but I liked when guys had a little more pride in their team and didn’t just jump ship so quickly.


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