Would Zion Williamson Have A Better Career With The Knicks?

A recent report, rumored that members of Zion Williamson’s family wanted him to leave the Pelicans, due to the team not having a good supporting cast for him. Though they did struggle this season, I don’t find their statement necessarily true.

As mentioned about their poor record this year, I have and still thought that the Pelicans are a scrappy, competitive team in the West, that could make playoffs consistently as like a 6-8 seed. The Pelicans are one of those teams (like another team, I will mention shortly) who have a decent squad that many people don’t give them credit for.

Zion low key has guys he can build around, including Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball, say what you will about him, and even big man, veteran Steven Adams.

However, should Zion want to go ring chasing and leave, here’s where he should go to to build a team with.

The New York Knicks. Aka the team that everyone originally thought he’d go. Say what you will about the Knicks, but they low key had a hungry and young squad, who made it to the playoffs, with no real big name players on the team other than Julius Randle and a low, mid-tier Derrick Rose.

Zion going to New York, would be just what the Knicks need as their missing piece, adding another superstar. Not to mention, if you can sign a few mid-tier free agents in the off season, they will definitely be a dangerous team.

You could run an arguably dangerous small ball squad, that could take on the 2016 Warriors small ball squad. 1) Rose 2) Peyton 3) Barrett 4) Zion 5) Randle. Just putting that energy out there.


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