Guess Who’s Back? Madden 22 Releases Interesting Cover Athlete

Guess who’s back? Back again. The GOAT is back. Tell a friend. Guess who’s back, guess who’s ba…you know how the song goes. After the release of the Madden 22 cover teaser, it was no surprise that when two goats walked out of that barn, surely it was gonna be Brady and Mahomes on the cover, and that definitely was the case.

It was announced today, that Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will be making another appearance on a Madden cover. Brady last being on it on Madden 18 and Mahomes on Madden 20.

Is this surprising? No. To be honest it was so expected, that it’s almost a cliché. Yes, two of the best QB’s squared off the the Super Bowl, but you’d think that they’d put the league MVP on the MVP edition.

If they voted based on actual performance and not clout, the cover should’ve been Aaron Rodgers or at least Drew Brees, and not Mahomes.

Aaron Rodgers, despite is recent controversies, had a career year, putting up dummy numbers, and it just kinda went unnoticed. Same goes for Brees.

On a side note, any Madden before Madden 10, are better than the ones today. There, I said it.


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