Swindler Van Gundy- Fired

*This blog was written by Trill Will, a fan of Lifetakes. Look at it like Derek Jeter’s Players Tribune. If anyone wants to write, email us and we will publish it.

Well, well, well Folks here we are nearly a year later. I’d like to say I didn’t see this one coming, but I did in fact see this one coming. If you want to talk about a total jackass of a coach look no further. Here he is in the flesh, Stan Van Gundy also known as SVG. After swindling our hometown Detroit Pistons out of 35 million dollars he’s back to his no good ways, adding yet another victim to his list. This time it’s the New Orleans Pelicans. After agreeing to a 4 year contract in the summer of 2020, the Pelicans have cut him loose after just one mediocre season (31-41) proving yet again how incompetent this man is to lead young men on the court. We should change his name to Swindler Van Gundy, because this guy can’t seem to keep his greasy hands out of the pockets of NBA executives. I’m not sure how he continues to land head coaching jobs, but I would hope and pray for the sake of other NBA teams this is his last and final stop. Unless of course you’re looking for dysfunction, unmotivated players, and poor coaching SVG checks all the boxes. I’d say the Pelicans caught a break by parting ways with mister 4 foot nothing, as he proves once again he’s totally incompetent when it comes to NBA ball. Lucky for the Pelicans he wasn’t in the GM role this time around or those poor fans would be stuck with Steven Adams on a 5 year 80 million dollar sum contract. Let’s just say SVG has no eye for talent and belongs on the couch next to you and me come tip-off. Stay tuned to see who fills the size 6 shoes of Swindler Van Gundy for the 2021 NBA season.

-Trill Will


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