LifeTakes Fan Aids in Stopping Shoplifter

For those that don’t know me, I work at Dunham’s Sports. I’ve been there since October 2013, so I’ve seen my fair share of crazy and wild things and a wide variety of customers.

99.9% of the customers that come through the door are genuine, friendly people. But anyone that works in, or has worked in, retail in any capacity knows about that .1% that I’m talking about. Well, a few days ago, one of those customers came in and attempted to shoplift a bunch of clothes stuffed in a duffle bag.

While I won’t go into full details of the incident as to not bore you and to preserve my coworkers identity and job status, let’s just say that the man was stopped using a “Just-In-Time” greeter and some solid work by my fellow Dunham’s employees.

But the one man that I would like to give a shoutout to is a LifeTakes fan. The customer who attempted to shoplift went running out of the store like he stole something. Oh, wait, he did steal something. But while my fellow employee caught the man outside of the store after he fell, they couldn’t have done it without a little help. Someone, whose name escapes me, and one that I didn’t ask for in the heat of the moment, wearing a LifeTakes shirt chased down the attempted shoplifted as well.

I said “Thank you” and noticed he was wearing a white shirt with the black LifeTakes logo on it. He just said he was doing what was right.

So, to that fan, I would like to say thank you once more and hope you read this and reach out.

Heroes are still out there in this world and my experience proves that.

So, to all my readers and fellow citizens out there, here’s a PSA: Be a LifeTakes fan, not a .1 percenter.

(Editor’s Note: We did end up finding out who this unknown hero was via Twitter interaction. His name is Justin Trout. Thank you, Justin. Go give him a follow at J_Trout_.)


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