Internet Celebrity Boxing Is Dumb

They’re used to be a time where we settled our difference out back, with a little mono a mono. Now-a-days, if we’re feeling irrelevant in pop culture and need some quick cash, we fight someone for clout, in a bootlegged streamed boxing match.

That’s right, I’m talking about the recent trend in internet clout chasers, who every other weekend, are calling out B-list YouTubers to box, not because there’s beef, but simply to stay relevant.

At first I thought it was interesting, but I should’ve known it was about clout from the start, when guys like Nate Robinson, who hasn’t been relevant since he played for the Pelicans in 2015, comes out the woodwork to fights a guy like Jake Paul. Jake Paul being a dude, who’s job it is to literally attract clout on a regular basis.

What really took the cake for me, confirming YouTuber boxing is for the views, was the Logan Paul, Floyd fight. Literally no judges, no winner or loser, but you could bet there would be a nice, pretty check for the both of them, as well as an increase in followers and subscribers.

Yes I know it’s entertaining, yes I know they purposely do it for the views because it’s their job, I know I’m sound like a a boomer at the age of 24c, but come on now…fights used to having meaning and the people fighting used to mean something as well. No school, like the old school I suppose.


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