MasterBatters Show High Energy and Good Vibes

The MasterBatters geared up for our second double header of the season attempting to kick the losing skid we have been on. Coming into the game I tried to bring a high energy, high motivation attitude to the diamond. The boys responded to this energy with great energy themselves and made some lovely plays.

We kicked the evening off with a pregame hand eye coordination drill to help get some bats on balls. Then we hit the diamond for game one against the Pistol Pete’s. The Pistol Pete’s have let up the least amount of runs in the league at a measly 21. This would be a tough test for us to get our bats going.

After a slow start, we rattled off five runs in the fourth inning cutting Pistol’s lead to only three. With some great defense from the squad, in particular, the outfield. Everyone was making great snags and keeping balls in front of them while getting the ball into the infield quickly. 

The five runs in the fourth wasn’t quite enough as we fell to the Pete’s 12-5. Moving us to 1-5 on the season and the Pete’s to 3-2-1. After a tough game when the squad played well, the boys were not discouraged but rather very excited to play game 2.

Bruno the team mascot was rather excited to be at the ballpark as well.

Bruno- Tongue out -having himself a day

Casually walking the 25 yards between fields put us face to face with our next opponent; Duffy’s Den. A sub par 2-5 team entering the tilly. The MasterBatters came in looking to steal one, with high hopes and good vibes after a fun game 1.

Making the short walk to the other field

With an outburst of runs in the first we found ourselves with an early 4-1 lead. The boys were absolutely buzzing. Our first lead in a game since our 8-7 walk off win in game one. Our umpire was screwing us over again, in the third inning I fielded a ground ball up the middle and touched second base to end the inning. The umpire called him safe, allowing a rally to ensue and Duffy’s Den to score three more runs in said inning.

Play called safe. He was out.

Our lead was slightly short lived as we found ourselves in a hole 6-5 entering the sixth. A great two out rally, started by James led to a two run burst to take a 7-6 lead.

Bottom 7th, Batters up 7-6, Only three outs remain. However, three quick base hits and a run scored put us on our heels, knowing we couldn’t let up another run. Men on first and second, pop fly to Joey Tucker in right center. Runner on second tags and heads to third. A little bit of an overthrow found the ball on the border of entering the other teams dugout. The ump being ready to go home, called the ball out of play and awarded the runner on third base, home plate. Giving Duffy’s Den a walk off 8-7 victory.

Although we ended up losing both games, we are full of encouragement and ready to battle in our double header next week!

Notable Performances

Jon Cook made a numerous amount of wonderful catches, including a big one to end the 6th inning in game 2. He also had a great sliding catch in game one (while kicking a wiffle ball that we left in the outfield.)

Jon Cook catch to end the inning
Another angle of Jon’s catch

James Tucker dealt on the mound while also rumbling around the bases to score 3 runs across two games. Two of them on a second to home all out sprint.

James motoring around the base path

Adrian once again put on a great display of defense, hitting and base running. Making a load of nice catches while also going 5-7 with three runs scored.

Marcus had another excellent game manning the hot corner. After getting thrust into third base last game he has made it his home. Including taking an absolute ripper off the side of the knee cap like it was nothing.

Marcus beating the runner on close play at third

Brian had another great catch at shortstop. This time it was a linedrive up the middle off of James’ mitt. I had to stop and go back right real quick. While falling to the ground, I caught the ball and whipped it over to first to double the runner up.

Thank you to my Mom, Heather, and Javier’s girlfriend, Alissa, for taking a bunch of outstanding pictures. Much appreciated


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