MasterBatters Danced with Wolves

The MasterBatters danced with wolves (Wolfpack), and they bit us hard. I don’t exactly know the final score, but it was enough to mercy us after only 5 innings. For those of you keeping track at home, this is the third mercy tallied in a row.

Different game, same story. Our batting was lackluster- only mustering 5 runs- while our defense was average at best. Even with numerous practices we don’t seem to be improving immensely, but rather incrementally.

First and foremost we need to stop swinging at pitches coming in at eye level. And when we hit a ground ball we need to sprint it out to first. Not jog and allow the opponent to take their time. We’re 22 year olds and aren’t using our athleticism to our advantage.

Marcus and Brian prepare for a pitch

Fielding wise we need to learn how to read a fly ball off the bat. Our outfielders come running in on balls going over their head.

One nice thing about the game was a new umpire! The commish of the league; Charlie, umped our game while also trying to coach us. Great guy and wants to see us succeed.

Best part of the games are the post game bar trips. Had the whole team come out to the Penn and enjoyed a couple beers.

Every game is a learning experience for the boys. We are going to keep tooling up and prepare for playoffs while trying to sneak in a couple W’s along the way.

Notable performances;

Top 5th inning we had 4 errors in the first five batters (lovely). The Wolfpack took advantage of mistakes and put up 10+ runs that inning to shut the door.

Marcus played a great third base and will continue to lock down the hot corner.

I (Brian) had a diving catch after a hotshot off the bat. And went 2-2.

Brian’s second base hit of the game

Adrian had two triples and two runs. Kid just keeps producing in the lead off spot. While also picking up a girls digits in his first ever bar trip, got game on and off the field.

Adrian post scoring digits


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