MasterBatters Didn’t Bat Masterfully

Another game. Another heartbreaking defeat. However, unlike our game last week there were some notable improvements the team made. Possibly thanks to the two practices we ran in between last week (vs Kefgees) and this week (vs Outlaws.) It just so happens we played the two best teams in the league back to back (Just our luck).

To begin with, James Tucker has solved our pitching woes. James is the MasterBatters new ace on the bump. His repertoire consists of a backspin pitch, a slide piece (that actually moves) and he is developing a screwball that breaks the opposite way of a slider. Got a couple guys to take big hacks at a backspin pitch, while also inducing a high number of flyouts and poputs. Hopefully he can take this good performance and build on it to become the ace of the league.

Another shining moment, our outfield was up to snuff this past week. We had very few dropped fly balls and only a select amount of balls actually got by our outfield. Hitting the cutoff man and getting the ball in quick is still somewhat of an issue for the squad.

We started off somewhat strong scoring a run in the first inning, but losing the lead 3-1 by the end of the first. Then the bats completely died for us and the Outlaws lead began to grow and grow. When it was all said and done, we once again got mercied, but only 11-1 this time. We can blame this loss solely on our batting abilities. 

The team has already discussed going to the batting cages and working on our craft. Fingers crossed we can come out next week actually getting base knocks and score runs. (Hopefully I won’t go 0-3 again.)

Side note: Dylan decided to skip our game to go galavant around in Hawaii. Showed the team exactly where his priorities are.

Dylan and the fam enjoying Hawaii.

Now time for the best part, notable performances:

Adrian managed to bring a big crowd of 10ish people and he performed. Racking up 3 base hits in 3 at bats and scoring the lone run of the game. (Keep bringing fans and putting on a show kid.)

Adrian pregame talking with his huge crowd.

Marcus Cook had a great catch sprinting into foul territory. Such a great catch he was quoted saying “I don’t know how that ball stayed in my mitt.” Well it did, and that’s why you get paid the big bucks, Marc.

James Tucker was dealing on the mound and gave our defense plenty of opportunities to make plays in the field. He only managed one strikeout but I’m assuming he’ll pump those numbers up with more practice.

Actual footage of James striking batters out

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