Bitcoin Is Crashing- GET OUT NOW!

I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about Bitcoin, nor care about it. I wouldn’t even have known it was dipping unless Portny didn’t tweet that tweet at the top of the blog.

Either way, I find it very amusing that people actually think Bitcoin will be the currency of the future. Lol.

Makes no sense at all. I know all the Bitcoin people will laugh at that say “that’s why you think that, you don’t know anything about it”….. I’ve heard it a million times. So, it’s funny that Bitcoin’s stock is down after it reached an all time high about a month ago. People were really thinking it was time for Bitcoin to take over cash? Hate to break it to all the Bitcoin people out there….. cash is king. Always will be.

Reason Why Bitcoin Wont Work:

1. I’ve heard there is a certain number of Bitcoins out there and after they find them all, they’re all gone. One, why and how can they not find anymore after they “think” they found them all? Also, how are people actually finding and mining bitcoins? It’s a made up thing. You can’t “find bitcoins”.

2. How can anyone think those small, little, computer, made up coins take over all the cash in the world? So many people have cash. What about all the cash people have saved up over the years? It just goes away? And the people who bought a Bitcoin now will be the rich people in all the world? Lol. None of Bitcoin make sense and there are just way to many questions to think it’s the future. It’s just a fun game. It’s like a high school kid doing weird things and there parents just keep saying “it’s a phase, they will grow up” Bitcoin is a phase, grow up.

3. Have I mentioned its fake. Nothing is real about Bitcoin. Cash is king and will always be king.

I know this might stir some feathers, but come on people. A made up coin can not take over cash. To many people have cash and it won’t just go away all of a sudden. We won’t wake up one day and say “all the cash you have, sorry that isn’t a thing anymore, you’re broke”. I could be wrong about this whole thing, but I’m not. Bitcoin is fake. Dogecoin is fake. Slap coin is fake. It’s all fake. Cash is king.


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