MasterBatters Revert Back to Old Ways

Remember growing up and battling against older siblings, cousins or neighbor kids in sports, never failing to get brutalized. Last night’s game was eerily similar. The boy’s were out matched and outplayed. The Kefgees brought it in a big way.

By the start of the third inning the MasterBatters found themselves in an excruciating 27-0 deficit. We were like a couple of chickens running around with our heads cut off. We completely reverted back to how we played in practice. But I guess that is where the adage “You play how you practice” comes from. 

We could not catch the ball, throw the ball or field the ball. A complete disaster. At the start of the 3rd inning, the Kefgees pitcher left, they switched their outfielders with the infielders and all started to bat opposite handed. If you don’t think that is embarrassing, let me tell you, it was humiliating.

Outfielders were missing the cut off men, infielders were missing grounders, dropping popups, an absolute mess on the diamond. 

Also, quick side note. This umpire we have had for the first three games has a real gripe with our team for some reason. He calls strikes, balls when we were in the field, and then when were batting a ball will bounce on the front half of the plate and he’d call a strike. Might need to speak with commish about not having him ump our games anymore

After all that downer news, let me shine some light. We took our official team picture with our official mascot; Bruno, courtesy of Madison Tenant and Korey Monacelli. We also scheduled another practice to work out some of those kinks and come back better than ever, there is still a lot of season left and we plan on still making a run at the championship.

There were not true notable performances since it was an ass beating, but I can still sprinkle in some funny moments.

Dylan Patel had a play good for a laugh. A line drive was hit to him in right center field, and he immediately screamed “I GOT IT!” knowing damn well no one else had a chance to catch it. Dylan came running in strong only to make a last second adjustment/jump to the right and miss the ball by a clean foot and let it roll another 40 feet behind him.

Jo Cool (Joey Tucker) had another slide into first base on a ground ball instead of just running through the bag. He has now done this both weeks this season.

Phil Conrad managed to rip one back up the middle and hit the pitcher for an automatic out two weeks in a row. Guy has too perfect of swing timing.

Brian Oldani once again botched another taylormade double play by flipping the ball low and wide to second baseman James Tucker.

Back Row: (left to right) Sean Clark, Adrian McGuffin, Javier Guadiana, Ryan Magyar. Middle Row: Jon Cook, Patrick Kananen, James Tucker, Bruno (mascot) and Marcus Cook. Front Row: Phil Conrad, Brian Oldani, Dylan Patel, and Joey Tucker

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