I Still Want to Fight Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva said that he is likely done fighting mixed martial arts in an interview today.

We’ll that’s messed up because I still want to fight him!

During Silva’s reign of terror over the middleweight division of the UFC, I said that I would love to fight Anderson Silva if not only to be on his reel of highlight knockouts.

And then I found my guy. I found my champion. I found the guy that was going to dethrone the Spider.

Forrest Griffin. Columbus, Ohio’s own, American made and the winner of The Ultimate Fighter. United States vs Brazil. It was going to be a clash of the titans. It was going to be the best fight in the history of the sport. I was ready.


Anderson Silva toyed with Forrest Griffin like a killer whale with a baby seal. It was as one sided of a fight as I had ever seen. He beat the fuck outta Forrest Griffin and ultimately knocked him out with a lazy right hand.

To Forrest’s credit, he has joked about how outclassed he was in that fight on numerous platforms. If I were embarrassed that badly, I’d dig a whole and never see the light of day again.

To me, Silva was the best to ever do it. He’d knock you out with fists, elbows, knees and we all remember when he front kicked Vitor Belfort to the moon.

Imagine what crazy knockout he could come up with for an out-of-shape blogger. I could be the ending to every Anderson Silva highlight reel from now until forever. It’d be awesome.


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