College Football Legend Colt Brennan Has Died At Age 37

Tough news on the island today as legendary Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan has died at the age of 37.

All reports are that Colt was in his fifth month at a drug rehabilitation program and turning things around before being found unconscious in his hotel room a couple of days ago. He passed on Monday.

Nothing more than speculation, but I remember Colt suffering some pretty significant injuries in a car accident and wonder if the crash didn’t lead to an opiate addiction. He had some trouble with alcohol in years past with a couple of arrests sprinkled in here and there.

Who knows? But, I’ll remember him at Hawaii for slingin’ that mutha fuckin’ thang at 2:30am in the morning east coast time. Those Hawaii teams were so much fun to watch.

Dude threw for 5,500 yards in a season, led the country in touchdowns and yardage twice, was a Heisman finalist and taught the world not to bet against Hawaii on the island.

As you know, I love reading sports reference pages like Barry Bonds, Wilt Chamberlain and other greats. Colt Brennan has an awesome one too.

30-of-41, 409 yards, 5 TD in a win over Eastern Illinois

36-of-47, 419 yards , 4 TD in a win over Nevada

32-of-39, 409 yards, 5 TD in a win over Fresno State

22-of-31, 330 yards, 5 TD in a win over New Mexico State

31-of-38, 333 yards, 5 TD in a win over Idaho

18-of-29, 413 yards, 6 TD in a win over Utah State

27-of-40, 406 yards, 4 TD in a win over Louisiana Tech

28-of-39, 402 yards, 5 TD in a win over San Jose State

I’m not cherry picking here. This was an eight-game span during his 2006 season. Ridiculous.

RIP in peace Colt Brennan.


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