Tim Tebow Reportedly Looking To Make Return To NFL

Life is all about making the most of an opportunity, especially when you get a second chance at that opportunity. Making that opportunity happen, is arguably one of the Top 5 best college football quarterbacks of all time, Tim Tebow, hinting at making a return to the league. With this, the famed Gator QB reached out to his former coach and now Jaguars HC, Urban Meyer, about working out for the Jaguars, at the tight end position.

Seeing this actually got me excited, due to the fact that Tebow was one of those guys in college I just wanted to see do well in the league. Both from an athletic and personality standpoint. It no secret how athletic he is, being a multi-professional sport athlete, being heavily involved in philanthropy and giving back to the community, and as well as his career as a sportscaster. Unless you were part of the early days of the “cancel culture” and got mad at him for praying before games, you really can’t hate on the guy.

I am very intrigued to see how he will do as a tight end, especially at his size. Coming at 6’3, 245 lbs, Tebow’s frame is definitely undersized for your typical tight end, which is why I could’ve seen him as a receiver (he’d have to slim down from 245, however). Nevertheless, I do not see him being on the line at 4 & 1 on the goal line, however, with his frame I do see him as a potentially promising receiving tight end. Someone who can be your reliable “check down” receiver or someone in the tight, slot doing 5-15 yard out routes.


One thought on “Tim Tebow Reportedly Looking To Make Return To NFL

  1. Actually, I looked it up, and his height and weight is average for tight ends. The coaches have said he’s playing well. Time will tell. Go Tim!

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