Browns Go Defense! Northwestern’s Newsome II goes 26th

Wow, talk about an out of nowhere pick. It was quite obvious, the Browns were leaning defense, but never did I expect it to be in the secondary. I was expecting to take a linebacker or another defensive end, but I suppose you can’t go wrong beefing up the corners, with an already dangerous core of Ward, Greedy Williams, and recently signed Troy Hill.

In all, I had no expectations for this pick, which is a nice feeling for once. For once this year, I didn’t have to worry about how the Browns might blow another top 5 pick. It was nice to just coast, and ride the wave until the 26th pick and not have to worry about drafting another Trent Richardson. I don’t love this pick, but I don’t hate it either. Overall, it’s a solid pick that can only help our defense.



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