With The First Pick In The 2021 NFL Draft, The Jacksonville Jaguars Select Trevor Lawrence


Nothing exciting happening here with pick 1. It was so obvious that the Jaguars were taking Trevor Lawrence, I’m writing this blog at 6:25 PM. Draft starts at 8PM. Urban Meyer is still a slime ball who would only go to the NFL if he got to coach the best player in the rookie class. (Harbaugh never did that)

Trevor Lawrence should have been drafted like 2 years ago when he rolled Alabama in the national championship. The man has been destined to be the number 1 pick for years. It just seems right. I think Lawrence will be a stud in the NFL, but his dads comments a few weeks ago saying “Trevor is the type of person who could walk away from football and be okay with it, no regrets”.


I would be a little afraid of those comments if I was a Jags fan. Luckily I’m a Lions Die Hard!

You do not want your franchise QB having that surfer boy mindset. One of these years we will see the next Ryan Leaf…….. I’m not going to go that far for my prediction for Lawrence’s future, but history does repeat itself. It will never be the person you think it is. ESPN doesn’t have the balls to predict that.

The LifeTakes team will be having live blogs for every single first round pick coming tonight. We are going to take over your timeline one pick at a time. ! We are the only news outlet who does this and were going on year two. It strangely feels like we just had last years “zoom” draft like yesterday. This past year has gone by so fast. Either way…Be READY. 32+ Blogs coming in the next three hours. Lets have a draft day boys and girls! Kevin Costner style.

P.S. I absolutely love seeing a packed house for the draft. I’ve missed seeing a electric atmosphere.


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