San Dieg…………. L.A Chargers Take Rashawn Slater At 13 Overall

I heard people saying Rashawn Slater was the next best OL in the draft behind Sewell. I don’t think he’s anywhere near the talent or upside as Peini Swell. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I’m comparing him to Graham Glasgow, pretty solid, will peak after year 4. He is only 6’3′ and only weighs 304. Little small. I mean you can’t trust any player out of Northwestern. He is the 1st, first rounder from Northwestern since 2005. That’s not good.

I guess it could be a good scheme fit for the Chargers, but are the Chargers in LA or San Diego? Who knows and who knows what the Chargers were thinking. If you are going to draft a line man in the first round,, he better not be from Northwestern. You better be the Detroit Lions. Simple as that.

Draft Grade: C+

Could have done better. My personal opinion.


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