I feel terrible for Eric Stokes – Green Bay Packers

The NFL draft is suppose to be where a life’s long effort is rewarded with your name being called by the commissioner in the first round. Unfortunately, Eric Stokes – Defensive Back from Georgia, is over shadowed by the story of the night. Aaron Rodgers wanting out of Green Bay.

Rodgers was a professional during the season not voicing his mind about the cheese heads drafting Jordan Love in the 1st Round, but tonight he wasn’t. Told people inside of the organization that he does not want to sign back with Green Bay.

I wonder.. I wonder if Green Bay knew how he felt and decided to hold onto the information until draft night. Insert thinking finger emoji. It would be very House of Cards or Game of Thrones of them to pull of that level of deception. I doubt that is the case, and it is just a newly engaged man wanting to be closer to his

Only, Jon Morris could disput.


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