Giants Trade Pick to Da Bears! BEARS PICK IS IN!

The Giants have to be upset about their division rivals trading right in front of their faces.

Nothing is more NFC East then having the 11th 12th and 13th pick in the Draft. This division is always the most random in the League… and I love it. The Giants are so mind boggled about the trade that just occurred they themselves had to trade back with Da Bears to buy some more time to make a new pick.

I watch the NFL Network broadcast, so not sure if yall ESPN guys overheard Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ that was playing in the Green Room but I’ll be honest Mamma Mia is by far my favorite musical and there is not a bad time for Abba in my humble opinion.

Anyways the Bears pick Justin Fields. Ohio State hasn’t produced a QB of NFL caliber since before I was born so as a Lions fan, not worried.

As a human, I wish him the best.


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