Cleveland snags a Cornerback from the West Shore Lines of Lake Michigan

Gregory Newsome II is selected by the Cleveland Browns. Making it the first time ever that two players from the University of Northwestern drafted in the first round. Fun fact about Mr. Newsome, he did not allow a reception on 3rd or 4th down… ALL YEAR. I remember him being glued to receivers all year long during Northwestern’s run.

Normally, I would be concerned about selecting a player from Northwestern, but after seeing them perform in 2020 I have to say it is promising. The Brown’s offense is as legit as it gets. They are legit, 2 legit, 2 legit to quit, so why wouldn’t you secure your defense. Become a well rounded team that can fill a depth chart.

Keep an eye out for Newman being a stand out on the special teams side of the game. Defensive backs make terrific jammers on punt team, and love r

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