25th Pick In The NFL Draft The Fighting Urban Meyer’s Select Travis Etienne! Kind Of Love It

“Tim Tebow may soon be a Tight End for the Jacksonville Jaguars” – Mike Greenberg

I know you all heard it. If I’m a Jags fan I’m puking. Give up the publicity stunt Urban, it’s not college anymore.

I really wanted to hate this pick, but I love it so much. Urban is going to have a college all star team and he is going to have a QB/ RB combo with incredible chemistry. He was one of the college players I’ve actually watched a lot over the last two seasons. He is legit. Etienne reminds me so much of Alvin Kamara and can make plays. Another team that will be really fun to watch next season. Interesting story line with the same college QB/RB combo.

Honestly if the Jags sign Tim Tebow that would be embarrassing for the city. I understand he is from there and played at Florida for Urban Meyer, but I thought he played baseball now. Pick a sport Tim.

Go Jags Go?


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