LifeTakes Reporter Goes 1 on 1 With Local Toledo Business

This past weekend I was able to sit down with local, small business owner Evan Marsh, who is the co-founder of WynHouse Software, located in Toledo, OH. During my visit to the WynHouse office, I got an in-depth look about the founding of the company from humble beginnings, a detailed conversation about the company overall, and some pieces of advice from Evan, about starting your own business.

WynHouse Software was founded roughly two years ago, by Evan Marsh and Matthew Soltesz and is a custom software company working with entrepreneurs and businesses in the Greater Toledo area, as well as around the country. Focused around using validation, discovery, development, and marketing, WynHouse Software deals with helping you promote your idea, discovering the most efficient path for your product or ideas success, developing the product, and as well as marketing your product. 

For additional information about WynHouse, see the link below:

Special thank you to:

Daniel March for editing the video, Joe English for providing the cameras, lighting, and running production, Evan Marsh for sitting down with us, and the WynHouse staff for allowing us to visit.

To see the full interview, click here


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