Mike Valenti Proves Once Again He Is A Moron Who Just Loves To Hate

Ayeoooooooo Maggots!!!

Ayeoooooooooooo Maggots!

And I’m back.

Its been awhile since I’ve blogged but some can argue I’ve been the busiest person in America. Most don’t but, it’s debatable.

Long time 97.1 the ticket, drive time host, Mike Valenti, does it again. I turned on the radio today by accident and he was leading his show off with how bad the Tigers are. Saying “we’re somehow in a worst spot then we were 3 years ago” blah blah blah, all that jazz. He continued to claim that Al Avila has done a terrible job at this rebuild.

Valenti also began to question if Casey Mize & Tarik Skubal are Frauds. He doesn’t think Torkelson and Riley Greene will be good enough in 3 years to play. Just a bunch of rubbish. Straight up Rubbish.

I absolutely can’t stand Mike Valenti. Let me start out with that. Next, why does Mike Valenti think he knows more than the people who rank minor league systems? The same people ranked the Astros system number 1 in 2015. The same people have the Tigers Minor league system ranked number 2 in all of baseball right now.


Tigers are the first organizations EVER to have 5 players in top 20 in all of baseball. Then he says “you can’t say be patient, I’ve been patient. Win now”


We have talent. We literally need to be patient because our talent is so young. That’s a trick Valenti uses so he can just pretend to body bag callers. He says the only solution isn’t good enough. And when people call to try and defend the Tigers, he says you can’t say “be patient”.

When that is the solution, you scramble to come up with a legit answer. Then Valenti looks like a genius on radio.

The Deroit Tigers will be fine. We have some of the best young talent in the game. We’re going to get ANOTHER top 10 draft pick this season. Give up your Schitck, Mike, You are the sole reason why people are so sour against all of Detroit teams. Spew some hope on your airwaves. You can’t because you’re a “realist”.

You’re a bum. Go back to New York.


2 thoughts on “Mike Valenti Proves Once Again He Is A Moron Who Just Loves To Hate

  1. Thank you for calling out Mike.this guy has been using the same stuff for years.he hates everything detroit.i don’t even listen to 97.1 the ticket much anymore.it was my go to station.mikes foolishness has gotten way out hand.the best thing you can do is just turn him off.


  2. This is amazing and spot on, that guys is a bum. Im convinced the only reason he is still employed on Michigan radio is because he is a sparty guy and it seems most if not everyone in sports media in Michigan, are sparty fans.


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