Don’t Mind if I Baddoo

Akil. Baddoo.

From the high A league, to the major league.

The Minnesota Twins selected Akil Baddoo with the 74th pick in the 2016 MLB draft. After bouncing around from the winter leagues, Low A ball and landing in High A ball in 2019.

Akil was not performing at the high level the Twins expected from him. Without a lot of pop and batting a measly .214 with only 4 HR and 11 RBIs, throughout his only season in High A ball. Fortunately, these less than humble stats led to the Twinkies not protecting him this past Rule 5 draft. Allowing the Tigers to snag up this ‘Everyday Prospect’ with the third overall pick.

In order for Detroit to keep the rights to Akil, he must stay with the ballclub the entire season. Since his arrival with Detroit, he has been nothing short of impressive. Showing his talent in Spring Training, batting .325, hitting 5 homeruns and driving in 11 RBIs in only 21 games.

Akil has continued to impress in his first three games, knocking off a lot of MLB milestones early;

Game 1 – First pitch, first bomb. A no doubter to left field.

Game 2 – Bottom 9th, bases juiced, Akil smacks his first ever grand slam, in albeit, a meaningless 15-6 loss to Minnesota.

Game 3- Bottom 10th, two outs, men on second and third, Akil singles to right field getting his first walk off hit of his career. Beating his former team.

To start the season, Akil is batting .500 with 2 homeruns and 6 RBIs. The man is slowly becoming a Tiger legend and he is only 22! Look for Baddo to continue to turn heads and soon become an everyday player.


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