As It Turns Out, Michigan Kinda Stinks Too

If you read Danger’s blog from last week, you would have though this Michigan team was the 2018 Villanova Wildcats.

Not the case. Michigan missed its last eight shots to blow a late lead against #11 seed UCLA in the round of eight.

And when Danger said Michigan was beating “every Big Ten team by 25”, he really meant one (1) team, Minnesota at home, who Michigan then lost to by 18 the next week. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.

Did they miss Isaiah Livers? Sure. He’s a decent player and I’m sure he would have helped. Even with him, I’d say Michigan was streaky at best, they were primed for a collapse and it happened.

Mike Smith bailed out the defense on the last possession with a pull-up three, Franz Wagner airmailed a wide open triple that would have given UM the lead and Hunter Dickinson played like a 5-footer instead of a 7-footer down the stretch. Wagner, woof, 1-of-10 from the field.

On the winning side, Johnny Juzang was awesome. He scored 28 of the Bruins 51 points including the game winner. He fouled out Sunday against Alabama and had to watch overtime, but today he came out firing and was hot in the first half. Pumped for Mick Cronin.

And so the streak continues. The Big Ten has gone 20 tournaments without a champion, finishing runner-up seven times.


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