Shaka Smart to Marquette


Lol lol.

Shaka Smart made one Final Four in 2011 with VCU. Know what he’s done since?

Not. A. Fucking. Thing.

Zero (0) tournament wins in six seasons at Texas. Lost to Northern Iowa, Nevada and Abilene Christian.

I think he keeps getting jobs because he has a cool name. If his name was Jim Jefferson, he’d be homeless.

He enters the Big East as the seventh-best coach in the conference. Wright, McDermott, Cooley, Hurley, Jordan, Steele, Shaka Smart, Ewing, Anderson, Whoever DePaul hires and Willard is the list. Just to be clear.

I’m going to miss Wojo losing his mind when Marquette was down 40. That dude is a nut job, but he was hella entertaining.

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