Happy International Cocktail Day!

It’s March 24th- International Cocktail day!

In honor of International Cocktail day, I want to start a new feature here on Lifetakes. Let’s have a happy hour every week or maybe every other week. My wonderful fans (I know there are a lot of you out there) and Lifetakes fans, can suggest beer/mixed drinks. I will try them and give the God honest truth on if they are good, bad, wonderful or terrible. But I will also include drinks I enjoy/want to try. In order for this to work tho, I need some fan interaction, comment your favorite drinks along with everything needed for the drink; Liquor, mixers, shaken or stirred, the whole nine yards.

The goal is for the fans to become involved and learn about some new drinks! Along with myself, I will be attempting to bring a guest on every happy hour too! It could be another Lifetakes writer, a fan who wants to come on, or just a friend of mine! So don’t forget to comment what drink is your favorite or what rink you want me to try


5 thoughts on “Happy International Cocktail Day!

  1. Brian, I’d love for you to try one of my favorite mixies. Crown Apple, Vernors, and apple juice. You can go light on the mixers and it still tastes great. No worries if it ain’t in the cards.

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  2. Hey Brian! big fan of your work! I like the idea you got here! My personal favorite drink is Grape Faygo and Grape flavored Burnett’s. I know it’s a child’s drink but boy it gets the people going!

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  3. Hey Flowshow,

    Enjoying the content. Would really like you to try the Old Fashioned at Queens Bar in good ole Detroit, MI! I’ve had my fair share and think the world of them, looking forward to hearing your opinion.

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  4. Hey Bri long time stalker, first time fan… I just wanted to say I love you and my favorite drink are the ones that don’t make my shtummy hurt…

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    1. Alright Brian I gotta win the comment wars for my ego and here’s one for you I want you to try a 7 and 7. I’ve never had it but if flowshow is at the whiteboard with a dry erase marker you better listen… also try a blueberry Moscow mule… peace and love X2

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