It Makes So Much Sense Why Michigan Was Beating Every Big Ten By 25 This Season

I’ll keep this short and simple: The Big Ten SUCKS.

The the Big Ten is getting exposed in this NCAA tournament. Back in January and February when Michigan was beating every team by 25 points or more and we were all thinking “this Michigan team is SOOOO good”


The Big Ten is just really bad. Michigan is the only compentant team in the league and that’s why they won every game by career margins.

Don’t get me started on the losses at the end year. Those were solely based on playing 3/4 games a week to end the season.

Big Ten sucks. Pound Michigan tonight. What a dumpster fire of a league though.

Yes I lost money on Iowa today. I did have Loyola Chicago yesterday +8. But Iowa took me over the edge today. I hate Fran.


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