Some People Have Hobbies, I Watch College Basketball

Piss in my Cheerios. I do not care. Nothing can get me down today.

That’s because today is the best day of the year, bar none. Not my birthday. Definitely not December 25. First day of the tournament trumps them all.

Here’s a complete list of my favorite days of the year.

1. First day of the tournament

2. Second day of the tournament

3-365 – Every other day tied for last place because they all suck.

Two one-point games last night capped with UCLA and Michigan State going to overtime was a perfect foreword. Now we get 16 games starting with Va Tech vs. Florida at noon:15 and ending with a 40-point Villanova win sometime tomorrow morning.

I’ve got my laptop at work. I’ve got my usernames and password on hand to login. I respect TruTV as a television channel for the first time in two years. I’m ready.

Just waiting for @JonRothstein to do his Heath Ledger tweet and we’ll be off and rolling on the best day of the year.


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