Who Should the Lions Draft?

First, let’s premise this with, I am drinking the kool-aid with this new regime.

Dan Campbell (left) Brad Holmes (right)

I have heard many different takes on who the Lions should draft. Anywhere from “You have to take a quarterback at 7” to “Now that Golladay is gone we need to take a WR.” 

Let me tell you all something… The Lions lack talent. Period, end of story. 

There is no benefit to putting ourselves in a corner and being forced to take a specific position. We need to take a player that will be around, hopefully, for the next 10 years. A career Detroiter.

“You have to take a quarterback.” Firstly, I am not opposed to taking a QB. If Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell fall in love with say Zach Wilson or Justin Fields and they are there at 7, sure go ahead and take one of them. But if three quarterbacks are already off the board and you’re not in love with the fourth QB left, don’t take him just to have a QB. I also want to include Kyle Trask in the second round could be a steal.

Left to right, Justin Fields, Kyle Trask, Trey Lance, Trevor Lawerence

Secondly, there is a great chance the Lions are terrible next year and have an even higher pick this following draft to take our quarterback of the future. Of course when you look ahead to the 2022 draft, no names jump off the lists and that could scare you. But let’s remember Joe Burrow burst onto the scene in only one year, and became the unanimous #1 overall pick. Don’t fret our QB situation too much.

“Now that Golladay is gone we need to take a WR.” This is a take I cannot stand to hear. Wide Receivers are a dime a dozen, we can find a talented wide out in later rounds to come in and play right away. The NFL leader in receiving yards; Stefon Diggs was a 5th round selection, Marvin Jones another 5th round selection, Cooper Kupp fell to the 3rd round (Brad Holmes draft pick) and lastly, Kenny Golladay was the last pick in the 3rd round. These four put up great numbers year in and year out, while also not wasting anything close to a top 10 pick to get. What I am trying to say is if the Lions Draft card has Devonta Smith, Ja’Marr Chase or Kyle Pitts on it, I will be thoroughly disappointed in newly appointed GM; Brad Holmes.

Ja’Marr Chase (left) Devonta Smith (right)

Who do I want the Lions to take? If Penei Sewell is there for some reason, sprint that pick up to the podium. NFL games are won and lost in the trenches, a good O-line and D-line are key to winning football games. I also like Micah Parsons a lot, as our linebacking core is atrocious. Thanks to Bob Quinn’s great picks of Jarrod Davis and the outstanding Jahlani Tavai. But push comes to shove, we need talent on both sides of the ball at every position.

Offensive Tackle, Penei Sewell

Draft a quarterback if you love one. If not, draft any position except wide receiver, anyone.


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