Raise Your Hand If You Care About Notre Dame…

The University of Notre Dame and their uppity Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick have said no to being included in the new EA Sports NCAA Football video game.

Hey Jack, nobody gives a fffffffuck about Notre Dame.

Here’s a take; I’d rather not have Notre Dame in the game.

Join a conference pussy.

Your players date fake women.

Rudy was offsides.

Brian Kelly should be doing 15 to 25 for M3.

DeShone Kizer is statistically the worst quarterback in NFL history.

Joe Montana wouldn’t have been shit without Jerry Rice.

Play Like A Champion? Bums haven’t won a championship since ’88.

You know who’s won a championship since 1988? Colorado. Nebraska. Tennessee.

The only good thing to come out of Notre Dame was Skylar Diggins.


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