NASA Discovered UFO Only To Be Identified As Bobby Shmurda’s Hat, As He’s Released From Prison.

We thought there was an end to this COVID madness, when they announced the release of the vaccine, now they’re tell us we may need to double-mask up heading into 2022. Whether there will ever be a light at the end of this now year long pandemic, one thing that can bring us hope, is the recent news of rapper Bobby Shmurda being officially released from prison today (and that just might be the hope we needed).

That’s right, becoming popular for the creation of the “Shmoney Dance” in one of his popular hit singles (that will not be named, due to the looming cancel culture), rapper Bobby Shmurda has officially been released from a 7 year prison sentence, on a 3rd degree count of conspiracy and a weapons charge, as well as sneaking a shank into his prison cell.

Like Thor’s hammer returning to him, it was seen that a small object was seen plummeting to the Earth, later to be identified as Shmurda’s hat that he threw up in the 6 years ago in a music video of his hit single, that will still not be said, and was never seen coming down until his release.

He may of made some mistakes along the way, but now that he is out, we anxiously await what he will bring us in his post-release album. An album that may bring us joy, like his music did 7 years ago.


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