Big Bets With Big Red

If your unit size is under $100 – read this with caution.

Jimmy “live bet parlays” Felton is the hottest gambling in the world. No one is hotter. And I mean NOONE.

Kind of makes you think….. is he the best gambling ever? I think so.

The secret with big red is that he only places live bets. He reads the game with his eyes while it’s going on.

It makes sense, why bet before when you can just live bet? Especially after getting a feel for the game.

In case you don’t believe the hype, here you go:

Just straight winners. He has won 19 of the his last 24 bets. ALL PARLAYS. ALL LIVE BETS.

Simply Incredible.

We will be posting all Big Reds picks as they come in. The thing about Jimmy Live Bets is that they are live bets. So if you are late to the party, you will miss out. You can try and wait until the Jimmy’s number comes back around, but you just need to be in the right place at the right time. Most of the time, they are all halftime live bets. So if you plan on betting with Big Red make sure you are around your phone at halftime of the 7:00 and 9:00 slate of the games. Also, at random times on the weekend.

First live pick for big red is the UNDER in the Oregon State game. It’s a winner. Jump in the hole.

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