Pitchers & Catchers Report Today. BASEBALL IS BACK

Oh we’re back!

Nothing gets me going more that a “pitchers and catchers report today” tweet.

I get all these juices flowing in my body that only come around once a year. I love a good bullpen session. Catchers working on framing pitches, blocking baseballs. Just get back to real basic shit and I absolutely love it.

Not all teams are reporting today but the most important one is: The Detroit Tigers.

I saw a tweet last night that said we are flirting with a 6 man rotation and normally I wouldn’t be down for that. Just because no one ever does it. But for this team. Let’s do it! We have so many young pitchers coming up though the system and I want them to get as much experience as they can. Realistically, this is still a rebuild and we will probably struggle. But baseball is the only sport where anyone can literally beat anyone. Doesn’t matter your talent or skill. If you don’t come ready to play, you can lose to anyone. So, every baseball season starts out with extremely high hopes.

Unless you are the Orioles.

Fan graphics literally gave them a 0.0% chance to make the playoffs. That is a tough pill to swallow.

Also, I played college baseball with this kid right here. NO BIG DEAL! That tweet was what really got the juices flowing. Let’s have a Wednesday. Warm weather and birds chirping is right around the corner. All is good in the world when there is baseball being played.

In honor of the pitchers and catchers here are some sick gifs:







Yeah I realize you have to click to look at all the gifs. I’m no technolgy savant so idk how to fix it. Just click the link.


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