Snow Day! Also….When Did Schools Get So Soft?

Snow day!

Everyone loves them.

Nobody hates them.

They can bring a community together.

They can tear it apart, I see it all the time.

But, the real question is, when did schools get so soft?!?!

Back in my day we were considered lucky if they canceled school at midnight….. MIDNIGHT. Seeing your schools names run across the bottom of the news channel was as close to winning the lottery as I can imagine. Not seeing it ever pop up was something that taught dissapointment and the ability to cope with devasting news. That’s life.

Now kids just bully the Superintendent on Twitter until they get that “no school tomorrow” tweet. Wild times we are in.

Back to my point. I’m seeing schools getting canceled at 6pm the night before. Since when are we just throwing around “snow day, no school” tweets before the sun goes down. Let the kids panic a little.

I’ve experienced countless nights of hoping for a snow day to just wake up and see that we were the ONLY school in the county to go in that day. That happen MUTIPLE times. Just walking the halls, chatting with fellow classmates asking “how did we have school today? We got 10 inches of snow.”

Back in 2008-2011, it didn’t matter. We had school. I remember sitting in the first hour and the office lady came on over the P.A saying “please hold attendance, bus 42 will be late today.”

You guessed it. Bus slide into a ditch because of the snow drifts and ice.

I’m telling you, it did not matter. School was always in session at Airport High School. Now they are canceling at 6pm the night before.

You do the math!


Happy Snow Day. First real blizzard of the season.

Drink it in.


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