Michigan Basketball Is A Wagon

If you can’t beat Michigan after a three week layoff, no practice for two weeks and on the road; will anyone ever beat them?

That is a question I can’t answer, but damn they looked really good today. After a forced shutdown by the government, Michigan looked sluggish to start the game. It took them one half to work the kinks out because once the second half started, everything was back to normal.

Michigan was down 39-27 at halftime. They won the second half 40-20. They looked every bit like the team that was just running through the Big Ten before the shut down. Just a testament to Juwan Howard and the coaching staff. This team has so many ways to win. Livers, Dickenson, Wagner are all number 1 options and can win a game single handily every single night. Eli Brooks and Mike Smith are incredible role players who compliment the first three guys perfectly. Then, we may have the best bench in the county. Brown, Johns and ‘Big County” Austin Davis can come in and the team doesn’t miss a beat. The train keeps rolling. It is honestly a thing of art. I’m glad I’m alive to be able to witness it.

Michigan will be playing many games in the near future to make up for the last three weeks they were forced to shut down.

The biggest game of my life will be a week from today when they travel to Columbus to play the 4th ranked Buckeyes.

Next weekend we gwill be getting the ‘The Game” we never got December on the football field. So, all you Ohio State fans can get excited because you are walking into a buzz saw. No matter how good you think you are. You haven’t played a team like this yet. See you Sunday.

Yes, I know I’m looking right past our weekday game vs Rutgers……………. It’s Rutgers.

They only beat Michigan State.

I’ve been off the blog game for awhile. I would like to say I’m back, but I’m the busiest guy in America right now. If you think I’m bluffing, you just don’t know.



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