Revisiting Professor Propbet’s NFL Picks

Well, the saddest day of the year is upon us. The Monday after the Super Bowl has yet to be named a national holiday and all of us are football hungover at work.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are world champions and more importantly the Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock for the 2021 NFL Draft.

But let’s look back at how Professor Propbet did this year. A reminder of his preseason picks.

Hit on the Bills (+110) to win the East, but that was it. Missed on the other three. -1.9

0-2 on the AFC North. If the Browns and Ravens woulda won another game those are both wins. -3.9

Texans, yikes. Jaguars, yikes. -5.9

Broncos, yikes. Raiders were better than expected. -7.9

The NFC East was a clusterfuck. -9.9

This is getting embarrassing. 0-4 in the NFC North. -13.9

Back to winning. Seahawks (+205) to win the West and Cardinals (+190) to finish third. Lost the other two in the division. -11.95

On to the individuals.

DeAndre Hopkins is a beast. Over 93.5 catches (115) and over 1125.5 yards (1407). Beast. -9.95

Matt Ryan finished barely under 27.5 touchdowns (26) but was barely over 4550.5 yards (4581). -10.05

Josh Allen did the damn thang this year. Easily over 22.5 touchdowns (37) and way over 3300.5 yards (4544). -8.05

Likewise, Stefon Diggs’ preseason lines were a joke. Got over 6.5 scores (8) and smoked 975.5 yards (1535). Diggs. -6.05

Ahh, underestimated DJ Moore. Good season kid. -7.15

Did the same with Robby Anderson. Whatever, I like Teddy Bridgewater. -8.25

AJ Green under 7.5 TDs (2). Cash. AJ Green under 975.5 yards (523). Cash. -6.25

I missed on both Austin Hooper bets. I’m saying he gets both if he doesn’t get hurt. That’s bullshit. -8.45

But injury helped me with Nick Chubb’s under 1275.5 yards (1067). -7.45

Oh boy. Dak Prescott yardage over. Nope. Might just be a cramp. -8.55

Shoulda never bet on Matt Stafford to be good. One TD short. -9.65

Always bet on Patrick Mahomes to be good. Over 4699.5 yards (4740) and over 36.5 touchdowns (38). -7.65

Love Jared Goff. Also loved his under 4350.5 yards (3952). -6.65

Adam Thielen had catches taken away from him by Justin Jeffereson. Not my fault. -7.75

Michael Thomas under 120.5 catches (40) was the easiest bet on the board. -6.75

Miles Sanders under 1000.5 yards (867). Don’t let me get hot. -5.75

James Conner did not have a good year. I’m not hot. -6.85

Took Derrick Henry’s under because I’m a stupid, stupid person. -7.95

Chase Young won DROY but didn’t hit his sack total. -9.05

Missed on six individual awards. -15.05

Hit on Chase Young (+200) winning DROY. -13.05

Couple of team record props didn’t go my way. -15.05

One team prop that did go my way. Chargers to miss playoffs (-150). -14.05

All in all, not too bad. A couple bounces here and a couple bounces there and your boy finishes out of the red numbers.

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