Calvin Johnson Is A Hall Of Famer

For Detroit Lion fans who have never experienced football in February, this feels good.

Calvin Johnson was elected to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame last night. I wasn’t shocked when I saw the news. I’ve always thought Calvin was a sure lock to be a hall of famer, one day. I didn’t think it would be this quick. I was very surprised how fast it happen. It seems like he was playing not that long ago and boom, he’s in the hall now.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people online saying he shouldn’t be in because his numbers are not good enough and I think that’s crazy.

Every single person in the stadium knew where the ball was going when it was crunch time. Every team knew where the ball was going. He was always doubled/ tripled teamed and still caught every pass and put up insane numbers. It was simply incredible to watch every week and it’s tragedy he only played 9 seasons.

This is the first player in my life that I watched get drafted, watched play every snap, watched retire and now about to watch get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Congrats, Calvin. You’re the man.


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