Tony Hawk is Metal as Fuck

About six months ago I proclaimed that action sports athlete Travis Pastrana is Metal as Fuck.

Well now legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk has joined Pastrana in being metal AF.

Jimmer Crickets dude. Tony Hawk is 52 years old. That’s waaaay too old to be rotating 720 degrees on a halfpipe hit.

If I take the bump that he took at the :21 second mark, I’m out of commission for months. Groin, hammy, all the quads. Gone.

TBT to 1999…

And TBT to a couple years ago when this psychopath was doing 900s at 48 years old.

I always thought it would be cool to be unquestionably the best in the world at something. Anything really. Best golfer. Best dart thrower. Whatever. Tony Hawk did it and he’s still doing it.

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