James Harden Traded To Nets And That’s Pretty Hilarious

Just because the Earth made another full revolution and we’re now in 2021, doesn’t mean wild things can’t happen. Well hold my beer, because I got some news for you, it’s getting wilder. That’s right, with another YUGE Woj bomb, it was recently announced that James Harden finally got his wish and will be leaving Houston.

Now where would a guy who left a big three team early in his career, because he wanted to be the sole superstar to go to better his career. Why not pick a team with two all-stars, one of them being his former teammate who he left, because there was no chemistry, because both of them wanted the ball. A pure recipe for success right?

What’s so funny about this whole thing is that, Harden pretty much told us (without telling us) that he’s pretty much ring chasing at this point. I mean he left OKC, to get away from Russ and KD, because he thought he could win without them in Houston and guess who comes to Houston…Russ. Then he turned into a huge disrespectful d-bag, once Russ left because they couldn’t win. Then low and behold, his d-bagness grew and he prolly realized, “hey I can’t win by myself” and pretty much said screw you John Wall and Cousins, I want out. Crazy how things come full circle.

Now I’m not saying he needs KD to win a title, but it is very interesting for him to return to a teammate he originally left in the first place.

I can only imagine how much ball movement there will be, or lack there of, with this team. I had better chemistry in highschool science, than this ego, ball hogging squad. All I know is this will be the biggest hit of Harden’s career if this squad can’t win games, let alone win in the playoffs.


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