Is A Future HOFer The Answer For The Detroit Lions HC Vacancy

A few years ago Michigan High School Football Legend and future MHSSA HOFer Eric Redmond retired from coaching at Monroe High School and teaching at Airport High.

“Redmond had a 35-24 record in six seasons at his alma mater after compiling a 103-45 mark in 14 seasons at Airport, where he teaches…. He took an Airport team that had never qualified for the state playoffs before to 11 straight playoff berths from 1999-2009. Monroe made the playoffs four times in six seasons under Redmond” – Monroe Evening News

The Lions haven’t made back to back playoff appearances since I’ve been alive and have only made it to the Wild Card game 3x in my lifetime.

When Coach Redmond started at Airport they were in the same boat as the Detroit Lions. Playoffs once every few years, at best, but no deep playoff runs. Same goes for Airport, well below .500 and no playoff berths. When Coach Red got there it didn’t take him long to start stringing together 10/11 win seasons. And in high school, that’s equivalent to 15-16 wins in the NFL (including playoffs). It’s hard to imagine that Redmond couldn’t do the same exact thing for the Detroit Lions.

Maybe the Michigan High School Legend is the answer that the Lions are looking for.

Detroit Lions symbol

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