The Best Places in Toledo to Eat Out During Michigan’s Lockdown

With Governor Grinchner (its A Christmas pun, relax) banning eating inside restaurants for another month inside the Mitten, people need to know where to go down in Ohio for their family dinners.

Now, I don’t necessarily advocate eating out during Christmas and Christmas Eve, unless you TIP WELL. This year has been tough on everyone so if you’re going to go to Toledo *or anywhere* and eating with the familia indoors, make sure to treat the staff with respect and tip that waiter/waitress more than you normally would. (it’s Christmas y’all, they’d probably like to be home with their family’s)

Now the Top 5 places to go in Toledo for Christmas/Holiday/Normal Family Dinners to end the year 2020:

Number 5: Anything owned and operated by The Mancy’s

I’m a Bluewater Grill guy myself, get a nice surf and turf, a little of this, a little of that, it’s a good time!

They also have Mancy’s Italian Grill and Mancy’s Steakhouse, and Shorty’s BBQ, they’re all good! Reservations are gonna be tough to come by for the holidays but highly recommend if you can get in to either of those!

I’ll share the rest of the Top 5 over the next few days!


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