Juju To Retire, To Join Dancing With The Stars In Wake Of Embarrassing Bengals Loss

If getting possibly kicked out of the Sway House (where all the woke Tik Tok stars go and party) wasn’t enough, Steelers’ receiver Juju Smith-Schuster is rumored to be trading in his cleats for dancing shoes. That’s right, the Tik Tok star and part-time NFL player willing be moving his career to Mondays full time on Dancing With The Star, as it was rumored he will be dancing on hardwood, rather than team logos, after an embarrassing 27-17 loss to a now 3-10-1 Bengals.

Known for his pregame Tik Tok dances on opposing teams logos, the Bengals showed up and said no more, as their defense was able to hold Smith-Schuster to only 3 catches for 15 yards. Likewise, the struggling Bengals managed to also hold Big Ben to just 170 yards in the air for 1 tuddy and a pick.

Now if you looked at the final score, it would appear that the game was some what closer than it was. However, such is 2020, strangers things have happened, as the Bengals managed to out score the Steelers 17-0 in the first half.

Come the second half, the Steelers managed to get their mojo back and had every opportunity to come back in the game and could not manage to do so. I’m not sure what was worse, Ben’s understanding of consent or his down field awareness. 3rd and 10, game on the line, and you throw a 90 yard bomb in triple coverage. GOOD!

All-in-all, it was a love hate game, as I wanted Cincy to score points to beat the Steelers, but having the Steelers D on your fantasy makes that challenging. Not only this, with this loss from Pit, this continues to open the door wider for my Browns playoff hopes. In the words of the boys on the Ken Carmen Show “SUUUPPPPEERRRR BBOOOOWLLLLL BROWNS!”


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