Mayfield Leads Browns to First 10 Win Season Since 2007 In Win Over Giants

As my chihuahua back home once said, “bark!” that’s exactly what the Brownies were doing last night, as they secured their 10th dub of the season in their 20-6 victory over the Giants.

Now looking at the game ahead of time, one could say “it’s just the Giants, should be an easy win” WRONG I SAY! This wasn’t your usual trash Browns and Giants we have known and loved over the years, this game actually meant something for both sides and what better way to put it on the main stage, than on some Sunday Night Football.

What was on the line, you may ask? Oh nothing special, but a potential playoff spot for Cleveland and trying to scrape together what little dignity the Giants had left in their division, where no one is above .500. Not to mention, if you’re the Browns, some payback in facing old teammates, as well as an old coach who was arguably the top 3 worst coaches the Browns have ever had…yeah…I’m looking at you Freddie Kitchens.

The Browns put on a dominant victory against their former coach, as well as their former QB Colt McCoy, who was doing Colt McCoy things going 19/31 for 221 yards and 0 TDs. But let’s not act surprised.

On the lighter side of the force, the Bake Show and company absolutely exposed the Giants D after a slow first half, finishing 27/32 for 297 yards and 2 TDs (Hooper and Landry). This making his performance even more enjoyable, knowing that former Brown Jabrill Peppers (who shockingly wasn’t playing 45 yards off the ball for once) and other Browns draft bust Jabaal Sheard were on the other side playing defense.

Baker, again, was in his bag, looking ever so confident in his throwing and field awareness, as I continue to make note of each week, as he just gets better and better each week. I mean not to start rumors or anything, but is it because of no Odell? Always gotta poke the bear and pose the question, but that’s for the jury to decide.

The Browns were in their element last night, with their ability to march down the field each drive, especially through the air, where Baker picked up the slack from a struggling rushing attack for most of the game. As I mentioned last Browns related article, if the Browns wanna have any chance in the playoffs, they have to be able to close games (especially the easy ones), which they did last night, not letting the other team come back after leading significantly like against Tennessee.


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